This web site is intended to present resources (code, contributions, links or opinions) related to the open-source domain.
The languages involved here are mainly Java, Perl or PHP .
The resources presented here helped me to solve problems and were made available for that reason.
Open-source domain sometimes meets politics.
It happens in Belgium: the FOSDEM - 2008 edition.
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This event promoting the use of Free and Open Source software will take place at Brussels (at the SOLBOSCH, ULB ) on 23 & 24 of February 2008.
On the agenda:


The HTML and CSS work of this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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Different situations may exist for the resources :
  • the package includes licensed (eg GNU GPL or Artistic License) parts and keeps the same licensing mode,
  • the software is GPL 'd or uses a variant of GPL,
  • the software is not licensed as it is pedagogic and short.
In short:
  • no warranty is given on these resources,
  • this is just a hobby,
  • use it on your own risk.
Please read the legal notice before to use any resource.

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