Get Firefox [Perl]

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is a speedy, full-featured browser that makes browsing more efficient than ever before.
It comes from the Mozilla team as a redesign of the browser part of the Mozilla suite.
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It offers many unique features:
  • a comprehensive popup control,
  • a tab browsing mode,
  • an integrated Google search,
  • a good privacy control, and more ...
Even before the release 1.O (today is available the version 0.8+), the quality of the browser is such that it can be used as a default browser.
More technical features show than the Mozilla team is a lot more pro-active and accurate than the other browsers developers in supporting new W3C standards:
My contribution as Mozilla tester:
Get the latest build
As the development of Firefox is very active, it is interesting to get daily the latest build.
The script will get by FTP or HTTP the latest build and unzip it on your PC.
The original idea of this script comes from Henrik Gemal , a Mozilla evangelist who did the job using the uncommon (and expensive) tool 4NT.
The script is written in Perl. A free Perl distribution may be found at www.activestate.com.
The script is launched by double-clicking on it or by typing at the command prompt and pressing Enter :
perl GetFirefox.pl
The defaults of the scripts are:
my $getMode 	  = 'http'; # ftp|http

#  $getMode = 'http'
my $httpPath      = 

#  $getMode = 'ftp'
my $ftpServer     = 'ftp.mozilla.org';
my $ftpUser       = 'anonymous';
my $ftpPassword   = 'your@name.net';
my $ftpPath       = 

#  common
my $mozFile       = 'Firefox-win32.zip';	
my $productRoot   = 'MozillaFirefox';
my $fbTempPath    = 'C:/Program Files/';
my $fbLocalPath   = 'C:/Program Files/';
First you have to choose the preferred protocol to get the file: FTP or HTTP.
Depending on your way to connect to Internet or the presence of a firewall, not both protocols may work.
It is done by setting $getMode = 'ftp' or $getMode = 'http'.
For HTTP, if the path of the file stored in $httpPath does not change there is nothing to modify.
For FTP, you should replace the FTP anonymous password $ftpPassword by your own email address.
You may want to store the application in a different location ($fbLocalPath.$productRoot) than C:/Program Files/MozillaFirefox.
Just use it! With the default settings, the browser is ready to use at C:/Program Files/MozillaFirefox/MozillaFirefox.exe.
Note that the above examples are specific to the Windows platform, Mac OS X and Linux versions are also available.
This way to remove the current set of files to replace it by a new set will also remove the additional plug-ins that you may have installed (eg the Flash plug-in).
The safest way to separate the plug-ins from the Mozilla installation is to store the plug-ins in a safe folder (ie outside of the Mozilla path) and to refer it as the environment variable MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH .
A detailed explanation to configure this may be found on the website of Henrik Gemal .
The current version is 1.3.
The ZIP file contains the scripts: GetMozilla.zip .
Using the same mechanism, a script getting Mozilla Thunderbird (a redesign of Mozilla Messenger) is included.