Fosdem 2004 edition

The agenda
[Fosdem 2004 logo]
It happened in Belgium: the FOSDEM - 2004 edition.
This event promoting the use of Free and Open Source software took place at Brussels (at the SOLBOSCH, ULB ) on 21 & 22 of February 2004.
On the agenda, several developer rooms :
  • MySQL,
  • Java,
  • Mozilla,
  • KDE, and more ...
  • Perl,
  • Ruby,
  • NetBeans,
  • Embedded Linux, and more ...
[Piles of books]
Piles of O'Reilly books
As sponsor O'Reilly installed a well frequented stand with almost the whole O'Reilly collection.
Also Tim O'Reilly was the first speaker on the Saturday morning.
Tim has been an activist for internet standards and for Open Source software.
He has led successful public relations campaigns on behalf of key internet technologies, and, most recently, organizing a series of protests against software patents.
Tim received Infoworld's Industry Achievement Award in 1998 for his advocacy on behalf of the Open Source community.
Mozilla Foundation
[Mozilla Foundation speaker]
A Mozilla Foundation speaker
Mozilla contributors represented a wide array of Mozilla projects, including core development, localization, Web development, documentation and application building on top of the Mozilla platform.
Also a focus on Mozilla Europe.
Established in January 2004 by Mozilla contributors from several European countries, Mozilla Europe aims to promote, develop and contribute to the Mozilla open source software project. Mozilla Europe is based in Paris.