Variation on Solitaire
[Java, GPL]
The Solitaire encryption algorithm was created by Bruce Schneier from Counterpane. Its execution is possible just using a deck of playing cards, however many computer implementations exist.
As its clear text alphabet is only 26 characters [A-Z], this variation works with the full alphabet.
Get the last Mozilla Firefox
How to get forever the latest nightly build of this wonderful browser?
INI files
A class helping to read and write (Windows) INI files.
Proxy configuration server
When moving a laptop from office to home aand then to a customer's network, it is often necessary to change the proxy settings of the browser.
The laptop itself is a good place to host a proxy configuration server , running this HTTP daemon that knows how to act depending on its host IP address.
Framework for User session management
A set of PHP pages allowing to manage users and roles, logon as a User or Guest and access allowed use cases.
A particular attention was be paid to the usage of CSS, localization and security.

Future contents

Manipulate EXIF tags in JPEG images
[Perl, GPL]
Digital cameras widely use EXIF tags in their JPEG -compressed pictures to provide information like speed, aperture, time stamps.
The Perl package will provide without any dependancies: read access (for documentation or use in web pages), export and import tools (to manage image manipulation applications like The GIMP or Adobe Photoshop that erase or overwrite the EXIF tags).

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