Solitaire [Java, GPL]

Solitaire encryption
The Solitaire encryption algorithm was created by Bruce Schneier from Counterpane. Its execution is possible just using a deck of playing cards, however many computer implementations exist (eg Perl, Java).
The Solitaire algorithm is strong encryption if these main guidelines are followed:
  • use a password long enough (ie 80 characters),
  • do not use the same password for two messages,
  • do not reveal your password ...
For a simple encryption and decryption:
String plainText = "SysAdm1n is encrypted "+
        "with a PassWord Impossible To Guess";
String passPhrase = "PassWordImpossibleToGuess";	

Encrypter ec = new Encrypter(passPhrase);
String cryptText = ec.encrypt(plainText);

Decrypter dc = new Decrypter(passPhrase);
String decryptedText = dc.decrypt(cryptText);
The Javadoc will fully describe the package.
The current version is 1.0.
The ZIP file contains the source code, Jar file and Javadoc : Solitaire.zip